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Why Use European Property Coin

  • As a block chain we use a shared database where a network of actors are required in order to verify and agree upon the contents of said database.
  • When new data is added to the EPC block chain (such as a new owner of a property) it is validated by independent verifiers who come to a consensus on its authenticity.
  • Changing data stored on the EPC block chain would be unusually difficult, as well as already being detectable. This is due to each new set of transactions (a “block”) being cryptographically linked to the previous block. For this reason, it would be next to impossible to alter anything on the EPC blockchain.
  • Each user has a public address issued to them. These public addresses are used for other users in the network to send transactions to that user. Moreover, a cryptographically paired private key is used for digitally signing transactions. This ensures an authentically approved transaction that the user has given consent to.
  • Encrypted EPC wallets give the user control and third parties are unable to access these. This makes our holders immune to unauthorized withdrawal.
  • Our platform’s whole or partial backend codes run on decentralised ledgers. To facilitate interaction with the blockchain code there is a user interface. This code is accessible publicly, and with the code not being limited to running on one computer, but instead multiple systems, there is no central point of failure.
  • One of the most secure technologies for digital asset transfer is considered to be blockchain, with its sophisticated use of cryptography and distributed nature.
  • Only our holders are in a position to access their coins. With an issued private and public key our users are protected and maintain privacy, anonymity and transparency.