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Frequently Asked Questions

What is European Property Coin?

A decentralised digital currency allowing users in real estate the freedom to transact efficiently, safely and cost effectively.

How can I acquire EPC?

There are a handful of digital currency brokers qualified to appoint European Property Coin. An order can be placed to them over the phone, in writing or in person.

How to purchase EPC

In order to purchase EPC a Coin Purchase Form must be filled out; terms and conditions must be signed as well as supplying requested AML documents. The buyer must pay from a bank account with their name and the transaction must be made to our nominated escrow accounts.

Is there a cost of transacting EPC?

Unlike converting and transacting traditional fiat currencies, there is no cost of transacting or converting EPC for real estate activities.

How do I receive my European Property Coins?

A USB with a pre-installed digital wallet will be delivered to all buyers, a link to download your European Property Coin Wallet can also be sent via secured email. All EPC’s will be uploaded in the USB or sent via secured email and it will be posted/emailed to the buyer within 7 working days after the transaction has been made.

Can I set up my wallet without a USB?

A wallet can also be prepared by downloading it from our secure platform. With the USB containing the user’s coins, they can be uploaded to your computer by plugging it in and letting them automatically download onto the system.

Does my EPC wallet provide security?

The wallets we have developed are completely encrypted as well as being able to be backed up on your PC. A public and private key are the only ways your EPCs can be accessed and they are assigned to the user only keeping your EPCs safe from unwanted access.

What determines the price of EPC?

EPC is backed by a substantial amount of liquidity, ensuring as a digital currency it is not prone to collapse. This ensures the coin never falls below a set value.

How can I sell my EPC coins?

We have partnered up with private brokerages such as Clear View Trading to get EPC on leading digital currency exchanges. Once EPC goes live, our users will also freely be able to buy and sell coins.