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European Property Coin

Buy Price
£ 1.54 per European Property Coin
Sell Price
£ 1.50 per European Property Coin

Payments are accepted in GBP, USD, Euros, BTC and ETH.

We’ve developed European Property Coin, a digital currency allowing anyone regardless of their technical ability an easy and fluid experience with cryptocurrency. After highlighting major flaws in the real estate market for investors, we created EPC to combat the issues they face, preventing them from reaching their full investment potential.

Our fully functioning crypto coin allows users to make real estate transactions in little to no time as compared to transacting traditional fiat currencies. With extensive security on our own blockchain, users can trace every transaction they make with EPC whether it’s buying, selling or even renting. We aim to work towards making real estate a more efficient and rewarding place for its market, which is why our team have made it so easy to use.