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The European Property Coin Aim


In order to carry out cross-border real estate purchase, a number of different factors come into play, these include brokers, escrow services, and even money transmitters. On top of this investors are faced with a draining amount of paperwork that needs to be compiled and signed.

Now more than ever there is a serious issue of common fraud or malicious legal agreements. In order to transfer assets or property there is sometimes even months of waiting, and the lack of efficiency in communication greatly delays liquidity. This, in turn, reduces potential value for buyers and sellers.


With EPC the amount of problems facing cross-border real estate transactions are tackled through a unified property store and asset transfer platform which can be used for global real estate. With increased security, efficiency and transparency EPC becomes a better alternative to all real estate related transactions.

Our vision is focused on taking the real estate industry to a progressive and flourishing state and allowing it to contend with today’s technologically advancing era. We aim to universally implement EPC for all real estate related transactions to accomplish a significant increase in returns for investors across the globe.